The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

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Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds picks a subject from history and examine it.

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Our Editor's Take

Weird. Informative. Very hilarious. The intersection of these three things is what The Dollop is all about. The Dollop is a unique podcast made for listeners who love a blend of entertainment and information. Now, listeners never have to sacrifice one for the other.

The collision of history and comedy results in a wonderful and bizarre show. Hosts Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds explain events in U.S. history through a comedic lens. The goal? To find humor in history-especially in moments that defined the United States.

Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds put a zany spin on each topic while entertaining. But they never leave education out of the equation. Listeners will learn about famous Americans in each episode. From Hollywood heroes, former presidents, and criminal masterminds, nothing is off the table. All the while, they'll get a fun twist on important events while beefing up on U.S history. Episode times run around an hour and a half. These quick podcasts might be speedy, but they pack a lot of detail. The series takes a deep dive into each subject's history, background, and story. Listeners can enjoy the episodes in order or pick and choose at random. What could be better than learning and laughing at the same time? The Dollop delivers all-around entertainment.

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