Ep. 68- We Teach Life! Music is the Icing on the Cake

The Score

Feb 28 2022 • 46 mins

In this week's episode, we address the art of life teaching. What is that, you ask? It's the method of pouring into our students' lives through our music rehearsal and classroom instruction. We get it. The sacred time of rehearsal and prep is very important. Yet Eric and Justin want to interrupt your scheduled rehearsals and sectionals to teach life principles and deal with the future lives of your student musicians. Remember, music is our common ground that gives way for us to pour into the next generation's lives. Enjoy and share!!!

In Rotation:
Luna Luna- Eric
Robert Glasper- Black Radio III- Justin

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Music Credits:
Intro: Justin McLean @jusmackmuzik
In Rotation & Outro: Ben Bohorquez - @jamin_music