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he was not playin
Jul 10 2023
he was not playin
Welcome to Oh Brother, Oh Brother. 0:04Welcome to oh brother, a podcast of three brothers.Top tips on proper hydrating techniques.If you are in an extreme heat advisory for multiple days in a row then you too can put some water in a bottle and drink it all throughout 2:28Extreme heat advisory for multiple days in a row.Drinking water throughout the day.Rip out all of the software and hire a new person.The fourth of july is a travel holiday.What happens when you’re planning your trip, don’t forget about your pet. 7:31The onslaught of new inquiries.The weekend is crazy busy in one location.The moral of the story, don't forget about pet shock.The challenge of capacity with staff.One of their clients has a dog terrified of fireworks.The extreme drought in northDon’t put on your own fireworks. 15:06The tone of, don't put on your own fireworks.Drought and no fireworks is fascist.No mowing or weeding today.No water today, no problem.New client onboarding with new software.Meet and greet with a new staff member.James talks about the importance of being the third choice. 21:56Being the third choice for a client.The one time a client invited us over.James May cooking show, reacher and gold cup soccer.Jack Reacher, a mystery.Was there a movie about Jack Reacher or Jack Ryan? 27:46There is a movie about jack reacher.The first season of Jack reacher is slow.Not riveting or interesting in the first season.Cutting his losses.What we do in the shadows.How the fields is coming along.How often do you use the sprinkler? 36:39Getting the sprinkler on and using it.The sprinkler is clogged.Mowing the grass every other day.When to start using the field.What have you been up to since we last talked? 41:04Welcome back to the show, brandon.Summer guitar time with brian.The world's best customer service, sweetwater.Guitar strings are dying.Movie theater review. 47:31Going to movie theater with friends.Movie theater is a vintage movie theater.Old timey movie theater in anderson, mcdonough county.Old movie theater seats.Indiana Jones and the Fall of Destiny. 52:08The sound is a little wonky.Indiana Jones and the fall of destiny.Don't read any of that garbage.The movie is fun to watch.The dynamic between him and the female character in the movie. 58:17The dynamic between india and the female character.The opening of the movie.Little references to other indie movies.No consensus on which Indiana Jones movie is the best.Every person has a different perspective on Indiana Jones movies.The bad guy is predictable.Why Indiana Jones is the best movie of the 60s. 1:05:37A couple of times the bad guys show up in Indiana Jones.Nostalgia and personal preference.Temple of doom is the best movie ever made.Collin is eating bugs.Tulsa drillers game for fourth of july.Fireworks show in Tulsa, texas.The power of the Fourth of July. 1:13:21Tiny town in oklahoma goes crazy with their fourth of july fireworks.Tiny towns are crazy.Experience in a small town for the July holidays.Horticulture and the study of grass.Introduction to the new chapter. 1:19:39There's more than one type of grass.Dadgummit encountered a few things.Not really a thunderstorm, apparently.Giant trolls and giant stone columns flinging things.The dangerous part of caves is where they go. 1:25:51The stone giants in the dark.The dangerous part of caves.The cave is not safe.Gandalf slips away. Gandalf is a burglar.Goblins don't like dwarves in his house.Goblin wars, the goblin wars.People glowing with rage and other fantasy themes.The first real vulcan.What are you all for? What does the book cover? 1:36:43The first time people read the hobbit.The illustration of the goblin gang.Immediate action, fire and explosives.Growls, growls, curses, shrieking and striking.Gandalf springs with light and the Great and Powerful Oz. 1:40:15The next few pages of the book.The next chapter is blue.The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. 1:42:41Lord of the rings. Bilbo falls and bonks his head.The first thingbilbo does.Have a chance or predestination thing in life.What Tolkien didn't know when he wrote.What’s up with the goblins? 1:47:19The heart of the mountain.Gollum wants to eat bilbo.High stakes game of riddles with bilbo.One on one staring in the face.The back and forth conversation between Gollum and Jake.The dark, twisted nest.It’s like a slow ramp. 1:57:30The slow build-up of the riddles.The panic in bilbo and gollum.The subtle nature of this is really important.Gollum is confused and enraged.What’s the force pushing all this forward? 2:03:35Gollum is confused and bilbo is confused.The ring finds its way to bilbo.Gollum escapes from bilbo.The personal stakes in this chapter are higher than ever.What’s to come. 2:09:20Comparison to what's to come in Hobbit.The danger level is increasing.Turning point for brian personally.Closing remarks from aaron.Ramping up the pace of the story. 2:13:45The stakes have ramped up.The pace is increasing and the urgency is increasing.Ramping up the story, ramping up everything from here.Aaron and the mirkwood.Check out our other episodes: ohbrotherpodcast.comFollow us on InstagramCheck us out on Youtube