Hannah Epperly: Track, Mindset & Role Models

Hustle and Pro - Frisco's Sports Podcast

Sep 30 2021 • 17 mins

Episode #126: Hannah Epperly talks to Hustle and Pro about her summer track training, the Junior Olympics, and how her mindset has shifted to get where she wants to be. Hannah runs track for Memorial High School in Frisco, TX as well as club track outside of school athletics. Hannah’s coach, former H&P guest, Mariele Landrom, works with Hannah on changes to make off the track to step up her game and grow as a young woman. Check out Coach’s Landrom on Hustle and Pro in January 2021 Running Track and Finding Superpowers Shout out to Jamar Landrom and your affirmations that keep us all pushing forward. Here’s a flashback to Jamar’s episode on Hustle and Pro in 2020: Fitness, Focus, and Let’s Goooo with Former NFL Player LG Academy: Website: https://www.lglifestyle.org/training Coach Landrom and Hannah Epperly