Ep 143: Navigating Parenthood: Embracing the Coach Approach

Parenting with Impact

Jan 3 2024 • 31 mins

This episode brings you another Success Story from the ImpactParents Community! Elena Nichols is passionate in raising complex kids through personal transformation and effective communication. After stumbling upon coaching by accident, she became intrigued by the concept of self-awareness and its potential for personal growth. As a parent of a child with dyslexia, Elena initially struggled with expectations and frustration. However, through her own journey of seeking support and focusing on her child's strengths, she witnessed significant improvements in their reading abilities. Elena's dedication to understanding neurodiversity led her to become a neurodiversity informed coach, recognizing the unique talents and facets of individuals with a greater degree of neurodiversity. With a diverse clientele and a supportive community at Impact Parents, Elena continues to find fulfillment in connecting with and coaching people, experiencing personal growth along the way. Ten Tips for Calm and Confident Parenting of Complex Kids Parenting complex kids can be difficult, even mind-numbing at times. In this FREE Guide you’ll find clear, quick guidance to help you calm the chaos and more confidently prepare your child for greater independence and success! Learn techniques parents all over the world are using to reduce friction and (believe it!) rediscover the joy of parenting.   Listen to this Success Stories Edition Parenting With Impact episode with Elena Nichols about parent coaching for complex kids. Here is what to expect on this week’s show: Learn how observing herself and taking a pause before reacting changed her interactions with her children. Discover coaching as a transformative profession that opens the door to a whole new world.  Through coaching, obstacles and challenges are easily resolved, and everything flows effortlessly Learn how parent coaching as a transformative approach that empowers parents to navigate the challenges of raising complex kids.   Related Links: Elena Nichols Overcoming Learning Challenges – A Complex Kid Speaks Out Helping Kids with Dyslexia Feel Good about Getting Help with Reading Look for the Positive Traits to Find the Fabulous in Complex Kids Get your FREE copy of 12 Key Coaching Tools  Connect with Impact Parents: www.impactparents.com Instagram: @impactparents Facebook: @impactparent LinkedIn:@impactparents Twitter: @impactparents  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices