Perfecting Remote Work Operations with Darren Murph, Fmr Gitlab VP Remote

Between Two COO's with Michael Koenig

Oct 17 2023 • 47 mins


(0:00:12) - Remote Company Operations and Knowledge Management

Daren explains the importance of low context communication, compounding interest, and over communicating for successful remote teams.

(0:08:59) - Embracing Remote Work as Operating Model

Daren Murph and I discuss operations of successful remote companies, process definition, documentation, culture, macroeconomic downturn, investing in operations, and using history as a guide.

(0:20:22) - Knowledge Management and Generative AI

We examine knowledge management, Generative AI data sets, and remote onboarding for successful companies.

(0:25:52) - Remote Onboarding's Impact on Engagement

Remote work success is achieved through discipline, connection, and a balanced work-life ratio.

(0:41:25) - Engaging Town Hall Strategies and Perspectives

Darren shares advice on effective remote work, from town halls to partnering with business leaders, to keep pushing forward.