Doist COO Allan Christensen on remote ops, perfecting hiring, designing ops for career development, the ideal employee feedback loop

Between Two COO's with Michael Koenig

Dec 19 2023 • 38 mins

(00:12) Interview With Remote COO Alan Christensen

COO Alan Christensen shares his journey and Duist's success without institutional investment, pioneering remote work and dividing responsibilities with CEO.

(11:48) Future of Remote Work and Communication

Remote work's significance in shaping the future, utilizing asynchronous communication, transparency, and documentation for effective management.

(22:28) Recruitment, Career Growth, and Feedback Processes

Hiring, company culture, flat hierarchy, career development, and professional growth are emphasized by the speaker.

(31:04) Challenges With Trademarks and Feedback

Remote company Todoist's values, challenges, hands-on management, stable squads, feedback framework, and trademark infringement case.