Episode 9: Leah & Rachel - Women in the Bible Series

Car Chat Podcast with Amy & Jamy

Dec 14 2023 • 59 mins

Ever wondered about the intricate lives of biblical sisters Leah and Rachel? Pondered on their tumultuous relationship, shared husband, and the ways in which their story can shed light on our own struggles? Buckle up for an enlightening journey through Genesis 29-35 as we unravel the tales of these two remarkable women and the lessons their experiences impart for us today.

Navigating through their family dynamics, we discuss the pain of rejection, the power of finding identity in God, and the allure of unhealthy competition. We delve into Leah's journey from feeling forgotten to finding solace in God, and Rachel's desperation for a child, leading her down a path of questionable choices. In doing so, we underline the dangers of comparing ourselves with others and the wisdom of trusting in God's plan, whatever challenges we face.

As we wrap the episode, our reflections take us to the grandeur of God's plan that incorporates even our struggles and mistakes. We echo the importance of leaning into faith, setting boundaries, and steering clear of toxic relationships. Drawing inspiration from Leah and Rachel's story, we hope to inspire you to trust God's divine timing and purpose, and remind you that even amidst suffering, there is hope for a happier eternity. Join us and let's learn, reflect, and grow together through the lens of these biblical women's lives.

Who are Leah and Rachel? Genesis 29-35

1. competitive
2. felt forgotten
3. heard by God

Who God is to them he is to you and me.

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Episode 9 ~ Leah & Rachel

*See episode description in the show notes. Review Genesis 29-35 for their story.

1. What did you learn for the first time about Rachel and Leah? What surprised you about their stories with God? Which one do you most relate to and why?

2. Read the descriptions of Rachel and Leah in Genesis 29:16-17. What does this teach you about these two sisters? How would you describe their personalities based on these descriptions?

3. How do you think Laban (father) and Jacob (husband) affected the relationship between Rachel and Leah? What relationships in your life have a negative effect on you? What relationships in your life have a positive effect on you? Share if you feel comfortable.

4. Read Genesis 29:31-35. As Leah’s babies are born, how do you see her faith growing?  When we go through seasons of longing and waiting, describe the wrestling with God that may happen.

5. Genesis 29:17 and 22 God does two things; what are they? For which sisters? What does this tell you about God?

6. Rachel and Leah felt forgotten in different ways. Do you ever feel forgotten by God and by people? Share what that has looked like in your life.  Read Psalm 98:3 and Isaiah 49:16. How do these verses encourage you?

7. Review the three descriptions of Rachel and Leah from the podcast and discuss which one resonates the most with you and why:

· Competitive

· Felt Forgotten

· Heard by God

“Rachel and Leah are us. Who God is to her, He is to me.” Who was God to Rachel?  Who was God to Leah? What does that mean to you in your life today?