Ghosts! & Talks’ Tales of the Supernatural!

The TITT Talks Podcast - Modern Women Living in a Mama World

Oct 27 2021 • 42 mins

Ghosts!  And TITT Talks’ Tales of the Supernatural!

Just in time for Halloween!  We’ve gathered around our imaginary spooky fire to share our own personal “ghost” stories - none of which can be explained by any rhyme, reason, or scientific data.  But, if you are afraid of the dark or tales of spirits unknown, fear not!  Contrary to what we thought when we were young babies, many of our experiences with the supernatural are quite beautiful and have strengthened our bonds with loved ones, whether they are still here on Earth with us or whether they are looking down upon us with love from above.  We hope you enjoy this very special episode, and we hope to hear some of your tales too!


TITT Talks was “conceived” in January of 2020 during one of TITT’s many friend/family (“framily”) get-togethers.  In conversation, it came to light that there was a lack of representation of womxn like TITT in, among other forms of media, the podcast world.  In particular, there was no podcast that TITT could subscribe to that would enable them to feel seen, heard, or understood as modern Asian Pacific American working mothers.

The womxn of TITT Talks knew that this void was one they could fill by sharing their voices and experiences through their casual conversations, which were already taking place on a routine basis.

Thank you for the positive feedback we have received since our launch in early June of 2020.  We are delighted to hear that we are bringing you content that you can finally relate to as mothers, professionals, millennials, and Asian Pacific Americans.

To our listeners of this special How SHE Built This series, our mission has always been to connect with other modern womxn through the lens of our own experiences so we thought this series would be a perfect fit.  We have inadvertently jumped on this journey of growing our own business as entrepreneurs and thought these conversations would not only be empowering, inspiring and refreshing for us, but for our listeners as well.



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