How SHE Built This: Lisa Tran of Tan Tan Foods

The TITT Talks Podcast - Modern Women Living in a Mama World

Mar 25 2021 • 30 mins

For this How She Built This episode, it is our honor to present to you . . . Lisa Tran!  First, for us, our recent friendship with Lisa is the embodiment of the benefits of networking.  TLo met Lisa on Clubhouse, and TLo subsequently introduced us all to Lisa.  We have become enamored with not only Lisa, but we have also become enamored with her story, her family, and her family’s story.  In this episode of HSBT, Lisa regales Chuk with her journey of turning vision into action by developing Tan Tan Foods sauce line, which she did with the goal of being able to generate consistent income while also being able to spend substantial mommy time with her precious twins.  Lisa also discusses how Tan Tan’s sauces were created with her mother’s recipes and gained popularity amongst the customers of her family’s restaurant – Tan Tan Café & Delicatessen!  More importantly, Lisa shares her own story of being born as a Vietnamese refugee in Indonesia, how her mother refined her sauce-making skills in the same refugee camp, and her parents’ love story that was borne during their escape from Vietnam – all of which laid the foundation for Lisa to create Tan Tan’s sauce empire and to introduce the wonder of her mom’s Vietnamese recipes to the American general public.  (Tan Tan’s sauces are carried in major grocery store chains like New Seasons Markets, H Mart, and coming soon to Safeway/Albertsons – she is kind of a big deal.) We could go on and on, but you should really just listen to the episode!  We cannot wait for you to learn more about Lisa!  Find her at @tantanfoods and  You can also learn more about her in her features in @entrepreneur and @bonappetit magazines!



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