Anti-Asian Hate Roundtable with Raising Compassionate Leaders

The TITT Talks Podcast - Modern Women Living in a Mama World

May 12 2021 • 34 mins

TITT Talks addresses rising anti-Asian hate sentiments in this episode. We are joined by two board members of Raising Compassionate Leaders ( Justine Bautista, PhD student in Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine and Dr. Kristine Yi, clinical psychologist specializing in cross-cultural work in families. Together, we begin to explore the foundations of Asian hate, its effect on our AAPI community, and resources to overcome these barriers together. This is just one of the many conversations we will have surrounding the greater scope of racism.

Here are some of the resources we mention in the episode.


TITT Talks is a proudly #aapi family. We are deeply concerned for the safety of our AAPI sisters and brothers, our own families, and our personal friends. We cannot put into words all that we are feeling, as we go from sadness to anger to confusion to fear.

Please check-in with your #aapi friends. We are not all okay. Please take care of yourselves and know that you can talk to us. If you need support, a helpful resource is We stand with our Asian American Pacific Islander community in the face of racism, and we are committed to taking action against it.



TITT Talks was “conceived” in January of 2020 during one of TITT’s many friend/family (“framily”) get-togethers.  In conversation, it came to light that there was a lack of representation of women like TITT in, among other forms of media, the podcast world.  In particular, there was no podcast that TITT could subscribe to that would enable them to feel seen, heard, or understood as modern Asian Pacific American working mothers.

The women of TITT Talks knew that this void was one they could fill by sharing their voices and experiences through their casual conversations, which were already taking place on a routine basis.

Thank you for the positive feedback we have received since our launch in early June 2020.  We are delighted to hear that we are bringing you content that you can finally relate to as mothers, professionals, millennials, and Asian Pacific Americans.



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