10 Minute Apologetics │ Interview With Pastor Chris Stastny: Sharing Christ and Doing It Afraid

Established in The Truth

Sep 21 2022 • 17 mins

In our increasingly hostile culture to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, how do we share our faith with confidence?  How do we share in hostile conversations, confusion, and when we feel unprepared? In this special episode in our series , 10 Minute Apologetics, Pastor Chris Stastny shares with us insight and encouragement about sharing our faith in the midst of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. While the conversation didn't fit 10 minutes, we hope that you will still find it encouraging, insightful, and equipping! Let's dive into the conversation and hear from Pastor Chris!

When to share the Gospel

How to share the Gospel

What to share when sharing the Gospel

Resources from this episode:
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Romans Road

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