10 Minute Apologetics │ You Can Defend The Bible With Confidence

Established in The Truth

Sep 22 2022 • 12 mins

The Bible has had an onslaught of doubt and opposition cast on it, it appears even more so the last 100 years. How do we defend Scripture? How do we handle even our own doubts?
Let's take a deep dive into not only our own trust of God's Word, but also how to answer common objections to the Bible. Today we will cover:

Trusting the Bible : Dealing with logic and doubt

  • 2 Keys in using God’s Word and logic
  • How to wrestling with our own doubt

Defending the Bible: Common objections

  • Man wrote it, not God? Incorrect. Plenary inspiration*
  • Has it been correctly translated? YES, here's how we know.
  • The Bible is too old.
  • Dealing with universal needs
  • Reality of the conscience

Resources from this episode:
Chart on manuscript comparison
Gotquestions.org about logic and reliability
Compelling Truth on the Bible's relevance

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