Trekking God's 14'er: Are You Ready To Go Up?

Established in The Truth

Nov 3 2022 • 22 mins

"Why would I fear the man upstairs?" "God didn't write the Bible, man did." In the midst of a world that holds a very low view of God and His Word, Christians are called to have a High View of God and His Word. But what is this High View? And why is it important to embrace and submit to it? In this first episode in this series, we seek to answer these questions, are you ready to go up?
Topics include:

  • What is a high view of God and His Word?
  • What is a low view of God and His Word?
  • What are the results of each?
  • What do your circles look like? Pray for yourself and them! :)

EPISODE SPECIFIC DISCLAIMER: I mention doubts and wrestling later in the episode (can be viewed in chapters), and did not answer, "Is this true?" The answer for Scripture is always that it is Truth, meaning there is no other standard of truth. I was referring to the wrestling, but our hearts will always need to be humbled to accept God's Word as totally inerrant in its original manuscripts and as far as it is translated correctly.

Helpful Resources:
A. W. Tozer's The Knowledge of The Holy
A. W. Tozer's sermon on
A High View of God
J. I. Packer Knowing God

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