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The Examen: Part 1 of 5   Ask God to Send His Spirit
Jul 3 2022
The Examen: Part 1 of 5 Ask God to Send His Spirit
In this episode we introduce the "Examen".  Developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola, (1471-1556), the Examine is a part of the spiritual exercises.  The practice of a daily Examine is part of the formation and life of those in the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits.  The Exame  consists of 5 parts:  1. Ask God to send his Spirit 2. Give thanks for the day 3. Review the day 4. Ask for forgiveness 5. Pray for the next day  In this episode, I discuss Step 1, Asking God to send the Holy Spirt.  I talk about 12 aspects of the Holy Spirit that lend themselves to our Examen.  While these 12 are not all encompassing of the Holy Spirit, I believe they give a good understanding of what the Holy Spirit can bring to help us make a good and thorough Examine of our day.  1. A Spirit of Life 2. A Spirit of Glory 3. The Spirit as Comforter 4. A Spirit of Wisdom 5. A Spirit of Truth 6. A Spirit of Revelation 7. A Spirit of Right Judgment 8. A Spirit of Prophecy 9. The Spirit of the Father 10. The Spirit of Christ 11. A Spirit of Holiness 12. The Spirit as Advocate  You may not practice the Examen daily, as to the Jesuits, however, even a weekly, or monthly Examen is worth the effort as it will help you orient your life towards a life centered on God.  May the Lord grant you His peace.  David Seitz, OFS  www.tauministries.comWant to learn more?  Check out the book The Spritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola: With Points for Personal Prayer From Jesuit Spiritual Masters  by Fr. Sean Salai, S.J.For a more in depth study of the Holy Spirit Check out the book, The Sanctifier: The Classic Work on the Holy Spirit  Support the show