The AllAroundJoe Fitness Podcast

Joe Bauer

Get cutting edge, no nonsense fitness, nutrition, and life winning content from fitness and nutrition expert with a BS degree in Kinesiology from SDSU, CrossFit Regional athlete, 2 time Ironman, and 5+ time ultra marathon runner, Joe Bauer. With over 20 years of fitness coaching, and educating, you'll get Joe's perspective on what works, and what is just a fad. Joe has spent 6 years as a bodybuilder, run 1 marathon, 5+ ultra marathons, 2 Ironman's, 1 half Ironman, several other races, and is now doing his best to be a competitive CrossFit athlete (Regionals Athlete). You can also find Joe cruising around the world exploring cultures, and expanding his reach in the CrossFit and fitness community. He's currently living in a Mercedes Sprinter Van and driving to all of the US National Parks! Life is only fully lived when you push yourself beyond your limits!
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