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UNC Basketball Transfer Portal Updates, NBA Finals Preview, and WNBA Drama | Ep. 164
Jun 4 2024
UNC Basketball Transfer Portal Updates, NBA Finals Preview, and WNBA Drama | Ep. 164
In this episode of the SleepHawk Worldwide Podcast, hosts Brandon Staton (Sleep Dawg) and Tyler Hansbrough (The Big Hawk) kick things off with a Memorial Day recap before diving into the latest updates in the world of sports. They provide real-time updates on the Tar Heels baseball team's Super Regional game against LSU, discuss the upcoming NBA Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics, and react to the recent sale of Michael Jordan's Logo Man card for $2.9 million.The hosts share entertaining stories from their experience at Jimmy's Seafood Golf Tournament, including Sleep Dog’s equipment mishaps and the fun atmosphere of the event. They also give a shoutout to Jimmy’s Seafood for their significant contributions to the community.The podcast then takes a turn to the WNBA, focusing on the impact and recent controversies surrounding Caitlin Clark. They discuss the physicality and targeting Clark faces in games and reflect on how the increased attention and drama in the WNBA are shaping the sport.The main highlight of this episode is the comprehensive update on UNC basketball's transfer portal. They analyze potential and confirmed transfer targets, including Aaron Bradshaw, Jordan Pope, Ugonna Onyenso, and Cliff Omoruyi. The hosts also discuss the returning players and their potential impact on the team's future.As they preview the NBA Finals, the hosts delve into the key players to watch, such as Luka Doncic, Jason Tatum, and Kyrie Irving. They speculate on the Finals MVP and series outcomes while reflecting on Kyrie Irving’s growth and recent public statements.Join Sleep Dawg and The Big Hawk for a lively discussion filled with sports insights, personal anecdotes, and a deep dive into UNC basketball's evolving roster.🟥  SUBSCRIBE:🌐  Website to you by Jimmy's Famous Seafood!🔵 ABOUTThe SleepHawk Worldwide Podcast with Tyler Hansbrough is home to unfiltered coverage of Carolina Basketball and beyond. Hosted by college basketball Hall of Famer and former Tar Heel National Player of the Year Tyler Hansbrough and fellow UNC alum Brandon Staton, the show leans into all things Carolina and expands into buzzworthy sports topics from the NBA, NFL, college football, and beyond.A humorous, light-hearted mix of analysis and opinion, the pair share their thoughts from the perspective of the common fan. When the topic is basketball, listeners will hear Hansbrough’s unique perspective, as someone who has “been there and done that” at every level. And when the conversation heads toward other current events in the sports world, Hansbrough and Staton spin up a comical blend of commentary ranging from hot takes to informed opinions.As we like to say, listening to this show won’t make you smarter, but you will have fun. So come join SleepHawk Nation. Subscribe today! Brought to you by Jimmy's Famous Seafood.