PASD Microcast #64 – We Survived the Snow

Parkinson's Association's of San Diego Microcast

Sep 17 2022 • 2 mins

We survived our first hike in snowy, icy, and very cold conditions. On this day, the whole team rose to the occasion – dressed properly, waling carefully, helping each other, we made a steep descent and arrived at our first coffee stop of the day. With this team, coffee (and bombardinos – a rum, eggs, and whipped cream drink) are always a welcome treat after a hard hike.

This trek is a fundraiser for the Parkinson's Association of San Diego so. If you are so inclined, feel free to click here or on the link below to donate on behalf of one of the hikers. All the donations stay within the San Diego Parkinson's community...all the expenses for this trek were paid by the individual hikers.

Thanks for listening and we look forward to sharing this trek to Italy's Dolomite Mountains through these short podcasts.