PASD Microcast #71 – Slim Shaky aka Joni Lowe

Parkinson's Association's of San Diego Microcast

Jan 17 2023 • 9 mins

In this episode we meet Slim Shaky, also known as Joni Lowe. Joni's son, Sequoia, made the video with Joni and her friend, Heather Kennedy. "SLIM SHAKY is a Parkinson's rap anthem that captures the struggle and the strength of two vibrant women who live with it every day."

From Sequoia:
"I made SLIM SHAKY to give people with Parkinson's a voice, to spread awareness of life with PD, to show people with Parkinson's that they're not alone, and to raise funds for a cure. And I made SLIM SHAKY because I love my mom.

It was years ago that I first said at the family dinner table that I wanted to make a rap music video for my mom, but I meant it as a joke. My mom's never been into rap music or rapping, and that's exactly what made it so compelling. Even when I thought of the name "Slim Shaky", she just smiled and rolled her eyes, but I wasn't planning on making it happen."

Listen to the episode to hear Joni's story and learn more about Slim Shaky.

Direct link to the Slim Shaky video:

To read Sequoia Lowe's story about the video and to donate to Michael J. Fox Foundation, click here:

The Parkinson's Association of San Diego:

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