#11 - Recreational Therapy for Cognition with Clinical Specialist Marlene Rivera

Brightway Answers - Professional Answers about Brain Injury - TBI, ABI, Stroke, and More

Oct 13 2021 • 47 mins

In episode 11 of Brightway Answers, clinical specialist Marlene Rivera answers questions about cognition and recreational therapy submitted by brain injury survivors and caregivers.

She answers questions like:

  • Is there anything you can recommend to help with brain fog?
  • How can I build focus and increase my attention span?
  • Are there ways that survivors can get better sleep and deal with fatigue?

Marlene Rivera is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. She currently serves the brain injury community in the role of Clinical Specialist at ReMed in Partnership with Learning Services and as the ReDiscoverU Coordinator for the Council on Brain Injury, also known as CoBI. Marlene supports fundraising along with brain injury education and awareness building efforts through her involvement with CoBI's annual events, including David's Drive and Tribute Trek. As a Clinical Specialist, Marlene uses her background in Recreation Therapy to provide oversight of client treatment plans in an intensive neurobehavioral rehab. During her free time, Marlene enjoys activity-based social gatherings and serving her local community with her loved ones.

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