Island Escape Writer/Director Bruce Wemple

Eye On Horror

Aug 7 2023 • 57 mins

This week, drama unfolds as Correia j'accuses Jacob of telepathically telling him to watch the live action Guyver movies but then Jacob j'accuses Correia of bringing up 1995's Major Payne too much. Also, the boys review Talk to Me, Haunted Mansion, They Cloned Tyrone, Barbie, Oppenheimer, Blu-ray reviews of Claydream, The Cramps/Mutants at Napa State Tapes and The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart. Once THATS done,

The boys welcome writer/director Bruce Wemple to discuss his new movie Island Escape, while avoiding as much spoilers as possible. If you like Predator and Star Trek, don't miss out on Island Escape on VOD 8/8, In select theaters on 8/12, and Bluray 9/12! Its all new on EYE ON HORROR!