What is the BEST 9mm Semi-automatic Pistol??

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Dec 6 2022 • 9 mins

If you go to any local gun store or bigger box store, there will likely be a multitude of handguns on display. With so many options, how can you ever decide on which one to choose? We learned several things in our testing of different 9mm pistols. The main thing is that first, you need to decide:

What purpose will this new handgun serve?

Each handgun in your safe also has a specific purpose!

Are you looking for a pistol to take to the range and practice shooting? Are you looking for a home defense pistol to leave in a lock box by your bed? Do you need a handgun so you can complete your concealed carry class? Or, are you on the search for your next EDC?

On this episode, we take several friends and several different 9mm pistols to the range. We were testing to see if we could find a clear winner that each person thought was the BEST 9mm pistol. Tune in to hear the results and see which guns scored best in which categories. Make sure you hang around for the whole episode to see if there is a clear winner to the question: What is the BEST 9mm pistol?

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