The Bergara Experience Review

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Aug 19 2022 • 9 mins

On Saturday July 30, Adrian and I were able to attend The Bergara Experience held at Dead Zero Shooting Park in Spencer, Tennessee. It was an absolutely wonderful event. They hold the event almost as a showcase of what their newest and fanciest rifles are able to do on the shooting range. If you're looking for a new rifle and want to check them out, this is a great event for you.

For $50 per person, not only were we able to shoot their rifles, but we had access to the people that make the rifles! Several of the Bergara staff were in attendance to answer any and all questions. They kept us all safe while we were shooting and at the same time gave us all kinds of information about the rifles we were sitting behind. Several of the attendees were novice shooters but with some instruction were still able to sit down behind the rifle and plink a steel target at 1,000 yards! Can you imagine that?? As a novice shooter, I was happy to hit a target at 100 yards much less 1,000!!

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