Meat Loaf on Talk Is Jericho - EP282

Talk Is Jericho

Sep 14 2016 • 1 hr 6 mins

Meat Loaf has one of the biggest selling albums of all time, "Bat Out Of Hell," and some great stories about making it, supporting it, and dealing with the fame that accompanied it. He's talking songwriting, collaborating with writer Jim Steinman, being an actor playing a singer, and losing songs to other famous vocalists (like Celine Dion & Bonnie Tyler). He's also sharing his brand new studio album, "Braver Than We Are," and why he thinks it's the best one yet. And he'll even explain why he did not like his now son-in-law, Scott Ian from Anthrax, when he first met him. Get your rock on with one of the greats (but don't call him a legend) - Meat Loaf's on TIJ!