Podcasting: A Voice to Create With Allison Hare E 12

Gift To Shift

Dec 22 2020 • 46 mins

Allison is podcaster, podcast coach, public speaker, advocate, and activist and one of the reasons why I decided to pursue podcasting.

She is curious, inquisitive by nature and a constant student of life always recreating herself.    We talk today about creating, recreating yourself, over and over again and what that process looks like.

We use podcasting as the springboard in this conversation .

Allison Hare is the host and producer of CULTURE CHANGERS PODCAST where she interviews culture-changers.

She also has  a podcast program called Press Play Podcasts where she takes you step-by-step from concept to “go-live” for your very own podcast. This is the program I took in the Summer os 2020.

Allison will be launching a new podcast, Podcaster's Journey in 2021.

Allison Hare


Press Play Podcasts: https://www.allisonhare.com/press-play-podcasts/


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