The Future of Real Estate Investing in Web3 w/Steve Streetman

Decentralized Future

Jan 23 2023 • 52 mins

In today's Decentralized Future episode, we hosted an amazing guest, Steve Streetman. Steve is a Real Estate expert who works on bridging the real estate world to web3 and blockchain space. We discussed everything from barter currencies to real estate tokens and stablecoins to traditional real estate assets. If you're interested in both real estate and web3, you don't want to miss this episode.

Chapter Marks

00:00 Introduction

3:51 Barter Currencies

10:00 Tokeneconomics of the Real Estate Tokens

14:23 Utility vs. Security Tokens

20:36 Should Utility Tokens Have a Dollar Value?

24:27 Stable Coins

27:18 Fractional Ownership Through REITs, Syndications, and Crypto

36:31 How to Buy a House with Crypto?

41:13 How to Get a Loan Against Crypto?

44:57 Investment Objectives

50:34 Where to find Steve?


The information provided in this show is for entertainment purposes only. Please always do your own research and consult an investment professional before making a decision.

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