12. That's Capitalism Baby! - Cassidy Williams - CTO at Contenda

Leadership For Unicorns Podcast

Aug 30 2023 • 36 mins

What does it take to get executives to approve fair pay?

Cassidy Williams, the CTO at Contenda, had to do exactly that at a previous job.

Learn how Cassidy used every trick in the book - from "brag docs" to forging alliances - to close an unfair pay gap. She explains the mental shifts she had to make, and what she'd do differently next time.

Cassidy discusses:

  • Creating "brag docs" to prove your value
  • Managing during hypergrowth
  • The calm of profitable “lifestyle” companies versus those backed by venture.
  • Her top advice for advocates, leaders, and especially parents in tech

Get the inside scoop on pay equity, company growth stages, parenting policies, and more on this episode with Contenda CTO Cassidy Williams.

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