11. Always Be Growing - Alex Weber, Former CGO at N26

Leadership For Unicorns Podcast

Aug 16 2023 • 39 mins

Alex Weber, former Chief Growth Officer at N26, shares his journey going from one of the first employees to leading a team of over 100, in which time N26 reached unicorn status. Learn how Alex stepped up to lead the marketing function without prior experience, pushed through burnout, and grew into the CGO role.

We cover:

  • Taking over the marketing function without a marketing background
  • Pushing through burnout and building a support system
  • Hiring and managing seasoned executives
  • Setting boundaries and expectations with the founder
  • Focusing your time and avoiding reactive leadership

Alex reflects on the key mindsets and practical steps that helped him shepherd hypergrowth while learning on the job. His story provides an inside look at leadership challenges at a rocketship startup and valuable lessons for leaders of all levels. Don't miss this candid conversation on Leadership for Unicorns.

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