Find Courage through Emotion with Brandon Larson

Gutsiest Brands

May 18 2022 • 54 mins

In today's episode, Jess Gaedeke CRO at GutCheck, a former Leader at Nielsen, sits down with Brandon Larson, current Director of Brand Strategy and Communications at Microsoft.

Brandon’s Bio:

Brandon describes his career as brand strategist as working “at the intersection of strategy, technology, and psychology” which enables him to make an impact by pairing the digital experience with an understanding of human behavior. Brandon has helped to transform some of the world’s leading companies as well as launch them.

So, let's get to it and learn from Brandon why true empathy helps us develop a deeper understanding of human behavior which then allows optimum innovation, let’s also figure out why Jess ended up with a professional crush on Brandon by the end of this episode.

Grab your favorite beverage and nestle in for another episode of the Gutsiest Brands podcast!

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