Gospel According To The Rock

Eric Engelmann

How to last in the greater scheme of things. Sometimes things don't change.

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Nothing About the Holy Spirit
Mar 17 2024
Nothing About the Holy Spirit
Send us a Text Message.Nothing About the Holy Spiritby Eric EngelmannAll content © 2023 Static Force, LLCI was telling someone about how Jesus changes the nature of things by naming them. Jesus renamed Simon to Peter. Peter later said Jesus helps us participate in the divine nature through our knowledge of Him who called us.As Jesus calls us He changes us. On a stormy night when Jesus walked on the water, Peter said, "Lord, if it's you, call me out to you." Jesus called him, and Peter took a few steps on the water. For a few moments, the nature of Peter's body changed to walk on water.On this subject of God changing our nature, a friend asked me if I said anything about the Holy Spirit. I said no.Why don't I mention the Holy Spirit when I talk about Peter's transformation? Because I emphasize rocks. Let me explain.I write the Gospel According to the Rock. I made a decision to keep my episodes short and to the point. That means when Moses strikes a rock and water comes out, I'm going to look more to the rock as my subject than the water. I know the Holy Spirit represents himself as water and wind, oil and fire. If the Bible represents Him as a rock, I haven't figured that out yet.If it looks like I'm leaving some stuff out, I think that might be good. If I'm putting together a puzzle, and it looks like I'm missing some pieces, maybe there's some room for your input. This may be a chance for you to have your own ministry. You have other gifts than I do. You may need to share about how the Holy Spirit changes people. You may need to talk about the Gospel According to Wind, or the Gospel According to Fresh Water.Jesus told some parables and interpreted them. That's like solving a small jigsaw puzzle. But later, Jesus Himself left puzzles without complete solutions. In the New Testament, He told parables that have no explicit explanation in the Bible. They are puzzles for his followers to solve.How did the Holy Spirit act during Simon's transformation to Peter? How does the Holy Spirit help us participate in the divine nature?These are good questions. Someone will find and share a succinct explanation. Then we can all know a little more … Who Jesus Is.All content © 2023 Static Force, LLC produced by static force llc sometimes things don't change.Support the Show.