How to trust God when I'm IN MY FEELS with Mac and Kenz

Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown

Oct 14 2022 • 35 mins

Are you being led by your feelings or by The Truth?

Today we are chatting with our friends Mac and Kenz! Founders of Delight Ministries, For the Girl podcast, and AUTHORS of, "IN MY FEELS" study with Lifeway!

"...we had no idea that the Bible study we were looking for, God would actually call us to write 10 years later..." - Mac Bridges

In this episode you will hear about...
-How our feelings are an invitation from God to experience more of Him
-How to more consistently filter through our emotions and guide them to truth
-How Mac and Kenz came about writing this study
-Mac & Kenz's prayer for their readers
-A little GIRL TALK of what emotion Mac + Kenz tend to lean into more often than others!
STAY TUNED FOR next steps and resources!!!

I pray this episode gives you permission to take those beautiful God given feelings of yours and hand them over to the One that made them! There is freedom in Christ Jesus for you to live an abundant life in HIM through your feelings!
love you!

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