The beauty of transforming in Christ with Christian Bevere

Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown

Nov 21 2022 • 36 mins

Welcome back to another episode of FAITH & FRIENDS!

Today  we are talking with the one & only, Christian Bevere!
I am so grateful for ANOTHER convo with this sweet sister in the Lord.
Our first episode together, episode 45, was all about saying YES to an adventure with Jesus. Click HERE to listen!

& today we are talking about Son's and Daughter's second book, I AM TRANSFORMED!

Transforming in Christ is a journey. Each season is  purposeful and filled with such beauty. Christian and I pray that this episode excites you to keep going  your journey with Jesus!

In this episode you will hear about...
-how to lean in & love a new season
-giving yourself grace as you transition into a new chapter
-grieving your expectations as God has a better plan for your story
-How to anchor your hope in Jesus in the midst of the unknown
-You're not who you were a year ago... celebrate the milestones! Celebrate the small victories!

You're so loved friend!

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