Do you come to God with ALL of you? with Kathryn Maack

Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown

Jan 27 2023 • 33 mins

Whew! What a convicting, freeing, healing, and encouraging conversation we're having today with our new friend, Kathryn Maack.

Kathryn Maack (yes--two a's, double AWESOME) is the co-founder/leader of Dwellings Ministries. Kathryn is passionate about the future of the Church, and she loves encouraging people toward their highest kingdom potential. Kathryn lives in Little Rock Arkansas with her husband BJ alongside their 4 beautiful children: Libby, Anna, Rachel, and Andrew!

In this episode we chat about...
-Closing the gap between head and heart knowledge of God
-Frequent barriers that may hold Christians back from wholly giving themselves to God
-Encouragement to believers who feel discouraged and disconnected from God
-Kathryn's personal journey to wholeness and healing
-How Kathryn's husbands journey in his faith has strengthened their marriage
-Kathryn's new book, "WHOLE"

To purchase, "WHOLE" click HERE!
To learn more about Dwellings, click HERE!

Thanks for joining us in the conversation!

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