Let's talk about dating (part one) with Matt + MARICLR

Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown

Aug 19 2022 • 39 mins

Welcome back to another episode of FAITH & FRIENDS!
From IDENTITY to IDOLS we talk about it ALLL in this convicting episode with our longtime friends--Matt Mitchell & MARICLR!

Separately, these two fantastic God fearing humans have blessed us with such fruitful conversations, and now, they join us--TOGETHER!

Matt & MARICLR are DATING, and what a journey the Lord is taking them on.

In this episode we talk about...
-hearing from the Lord a confirming word on BOTH PARTS (don't be weird if God tells ya "this is your spouse" just keep it to yourself & let God lead!!)
-tearing down idols of what you think your significant other should be like
-what it looks like to let God pick out your person
-false princes & princesses (this blew my mind!! tune in to hear what MARICLR has to say on this!)
-how lust and pornography kills love and true relationship with God and people
-why it's important to lean on God and not a significant other

I pray this episode sharpens, convicts, and comforts you today. STAY TUNED, we will have Matt & MARICLR back soon for PART TWO!!

love ya,

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