The Baroo Podcast Trailer

The Baroo: A Podcast for Dogs and Their People

Apr 11 2022 • 1 min

Welcome to The Baroo, a modern lifestyle podcast for dogs and their people hosted by me, Charlotte Bayne. I have been caring for dogs, my own and those that live with other people, for more than 15 years. Some call me a canine concierge. I specialize in helping my clients make sustainable choices that benefit their pets and their families. But while I’ve learned a lot in my career, I  definitely don’t know it all, so I’ve collected an ever-evolving roster of amazing dog people to turn to for advice—and I learn new things from them all the time. Join me here at the Baroo for a weekly series of casual conversations with canine experts, from scientists and veterinarians to psychics and healers, and everyone in between. You’ll hear heartwarming stories of canine companionship, deep dives on hot button products, and some seriously fun conversations with some people you may know about the dogs they love. Dogs make the best companions for humans. This podcast aims to make humans better companions for their dogs. So hit subscribe and join me!