An Alternative Business Model - Retail Arbitrage (not Online Arbitrage)- Omer Muhit - Amazon Legends - Episode #201

Amazon Legends Podcast

Feb 9 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

The guest on today's episode is Omer Muhit. He is a successful Amazon seller who specializes in reselling books. Over the years, he has sold millions of books. His computer science background has been a significant asset to his business, as it allowed him to co-found a software company that provides powerful tools and services for other Amazon sellers. In today’s episode, he discusses retail arbitrage, an alternative business model for online arbitrage.


  • Selling used books can earn you a good living.
  • It is important for you to keep track of the inventory value you hold.
  • If you want to sell used books online, you can start with books you already have, or you can get books free from your friends or neighbors.
  • You can buy used items in bulk from nonprofit organizations for a lower price, then resell them for a profit.

Quote of the Show: Amazon has different criteria for measuring seller performance on inventory. If it is a fast-moving item, we send it to FBA. If it is a slow-moving item, we use the merchant-fulfilled model.


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