Putting Your Amazon Advertising on Autopilot - Tony Morales - Amazon Legends - Episode #256

Amazon Legends Podcast

Aug 3 2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

Join us in this power-packed episode as we sit down with Tony Morales, the VP of Brand Growth at Luminize Marketing. Discover the secrets to turbocharging your eCommerce brand's success on Amazon with Tony's proven strategies! With a strong focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Negotiation, Sales, and Business Development, Tony has helped numerous eCommerce brands achieve unprecedented revenue and profit growth.

His wealth of expertise, backed by an MBA in Entrepreneurship Concentration, makes him the go-to marketing professional for driving exceptional results. Tune in now to gain valuable insights and actionable tips from Tony on how to skyrocket your Amazon sales and boost your brand's presence in the competitive eCommerce landscape.


  • Focus on identifying a problem that customers face and create a product or service that solves that problem.
  • It's okay to start small with your business and learn from the process. Don't wait for everything to be perfect.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs to share experiences, ideas, and best practices.
  • Set clear financial goals, like becoming a millionaire, to motivate yourself and strive for success.
  • Attend seminars, workshops, and networking events to gain insights and learn from successful entrepreneurs.
  • Be proactive and take responsibility for your own success. Don't wait for handouts or external help.
Quote of the Show:Most people struggle with, is driving additional traffic to your Amazon listing. How do you get people that aren't on Amazon to go there and look for your product? There are different ways to do that, such as google ads, affiliate marketing, influencer collaborations, organic or paid social media, youtube videos, and creating a blog post. Anything that moves in the direction of brand awareness and getting people to...


Personal - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonymorales459/

Luminize Marketing – LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/luminize-marketing/

Luminize Marketing – Website: https://luminizemarketing.com/