Building Emotions into Amazon Listings - Eddie Wheeler - Amazon Legends - Episode #175

Amazon Legends Podcast

Dec 10 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

Our guest today is Eddie Wheeler, the founder of Guava Listings, an Amazon Listing Optimization agency working with 300+ listings for a leading Amazon Aggregator. In this episode, Eddie is here to share his secrets. Learn how to craft emotional content that will grab attention, engage your target audience, and sew in SEO keywords naturally.


  • You need to grab your customer's attention by making them click on your listing.
  • Review count is one of the ways to grab people's attention
  • Your images and title must be of good quality if you want people to click on your listings.
  • Your image needs to be large and crisp to catch the eye of your customers.
  • Amazon only allows you to add text to your additional images, not your main image.
  • You can work with colors that can create good emotions for your customers to align with.
  • The first two lines of your product title should have SEO benefits for customers to click on your listing.

Quote of the Show:
The copy that goes onto the images and A Plus content are hugely important. Some people will read all the bullet points, some people will read a few bullet points or scan them but almost everybody is going to look at the images.


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