Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes Healthy Homemade Meals Made Easy

Authors Press

Mar 14 2023 • 2 mins

The Most Delicious Way to Take Control of Your Health. A balanced diet is the key to good nutrition and well-being. This recipe book, complete with full-color photos, is your inspiration to explore a wide range of homemade, whole food, vegan meals. including many raw food recipes to give you a full ranged of nutrients and enzymes. You'll be introduced to colorful and delicious Asian ingredients such as bitter melon, okra, lotus root, wood ear and shiitake mushrooms, gai-lan (Chinese Broccoli), and water spinach. With more than seventy meal ideas, there's something for everyone, including gluten-free, vegan, whole grain, and legume options. With easy prep and many delicious choices, Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes is an indispensable tool for healthful living!

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