The Baby and the Seed: A Primer on Good Parenting a Book for the Entire Family

Authors Press

Apr 28 2023 • 2 mins

This is a book for everyone. In using the metaphor comparing the raising of the seed of wheat with that of a baby, the importance of a nurturing environment is presented. Using a poem for structure, accompanied by colorful illustrations that convey the message in each stanza, we can better understand the significance of a good start in life. Knowing that 90% of the brain develops in the months of pregnancy and the first two years of life and that most chronic medical, behavioral, and addiction disorders occur in adults who had dysfunction in this critical period, makes it imperative that every effort be made to educate us all on the importance of good, responsive parenting. It is the attempt of this book to contribute to this greater understanding. Illustrations demonstrating the effects of toxic stress on the brain and sections relating specifically to love, adversity, and resilience have been added because of the impact they have on why we become who we are.

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