PREMIERE! "What If UP" vs. "Whatever"

What If It All Goes RIGHT?

Feb 8 2022 • 24 mins

EPISODE 1: Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"

In #Episode1, you'll hear Mendhi Audlin's story for how she began using the "What If" UP process in her own life and in her workshops and keynote presentations. You'll also hear from Kimberly Han about an experiment she conducted in her greenhouse using the #whatifup principles.

Reflection Questions for this Week's Episode:

  • As you think about your own mindset and inner dialogue, what do you notice about your own tendencies to "What If" UP or "What If" Down?
  • Kimberly Han joins us in this episode to share her story of applying the principles in her life. Reflecting on her sharing, how do you see your early influences shaping your mindset?
  • In this episode, Mendhi challenges you to identify a desire and generate some positive "What Ifs" to elevate that desire: What is the desire you identified? What are your "what if" possibilities for bringing that desire into your life?

Resources from #Episode1: