3-Part Recipe for a Healthy Mind and a Happy Heart

What If It All Goes RIGHT?

Jul 3 2022 • 12 mins

EPISODE 11: What if you could ELIMINATE all negative emotions? What if there is another way of looking at loneliness, anxiety, and emotional exhaustion? Join me today for a new way of looking at your emotional spectrum... PLUS...  The 3 ingredients for baking up a Healthy Mind and a Happy Heart!

Reflection Questions:

  • Reflect upon your relationship with "negative emotions," such as stress, overwhelm or anxiety? To what degree (if any!) do you judge yourself when you start sliding down the emotional spectrum?
  • What daily disciplines do/could you implement to ensure you are providing healthy "inputs" for your mental state?
  • Where do you turn for a community of support?  What do you offer of yourself into these communities?act you?

Resources from #Episode11:

Theme song, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" by Amy Scruggs, used with permission.