A Mess? Or a Message?

What If It All Goes RIGHT?

Aug 14 2022 • 9 mins

EPISODE 17: Sometimes life seems like a hot mess. But what if there's a message for you in the madness? And what if... by awakening to the moment... you find everything you need to re-ground and re-center yourself?

This episode was excerpted from a talk at Unity at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado.


  • Reflect on the past week. Do you notice any instances where you were in the presence of love, but too busy to drink it in?
  • What circumstances or triggers lead you into criticism or judgment? What would it look like and feel like to choose LOVE instead?
  • CHALLENGE: What could you do today to express the Love within you?



Theme song, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" by Amy Scruggs, used with permission.

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