Parenting their Passions with Special Guests Jonathan and Renee Harris

What If It All Goes RIGHT?

Jul 17 2022 • 33 mins

EPISODE 13: What if positive change can start in the home... from parent to child? Jonathan and Renee Harris are a husband/wife team who has raised their teens to have talent. They learned early on that beginning at the age of 12, kids are ripe and ready to turn an interest into a full-blown talent that can serve their family, and ultimately others, in such a way that when developed, can even be marketable. The Harrises have 9 children and I am eager to share their story with you!


  • Think of a young person that could benefit from your guidance and mentoring. What are they passionate about? How could you help them discover their passions?
  • Think about your own passions and purpose. What are your interests? How do you/could you use them to create value for others?


Theme song, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" by Amy Scruggs, used with permission.