3 Easy Brain Hacks to Improve Your Productivity with Adriana Medina, Neuroscientist

What If It All Goes RIGHT?

Jul 24 2022 • 18 mins

EPISODE 14: What if you could make 3 simple tweaks to your daily routine to instantly improve your productivity? Adriana Medina is a neuroscientist and a #WhatIfUpper. Check out her top three daily habits for immediately optimizing your brain for optimal performance.


  • Take an honest look at your nighttime routine. What are you feeding your brain before you go to bed each night? What could you do to improve your mental inputs?
  • Take an honest look at your morning routine. What is the first thing you feed your brain each morning? What could you do to start your day more intentionally?
  • How do you "delight" your brain each day? What other ideas do you have for bringing self-care and happy treats to your fabulous brain?


Adriana Medina is a neuroscientist, educator, writer, and coach. She wears many hats - an accomplished scientist with numerous publications in top-tier scientific journals, an experienced educator who has taught at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and a talented writer whose work has been featured in outlets such as Medium and Vocal Media. She is a renaissance woman who has dedicated her life to understanding how the brain works and how we can improve our cognitive abilities to optimize our daily life. Her work as an educator has shown her that learning is possible at any age and that there are no limits to what we can achieve.


Theme song, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" by Amy Scruggs, used with permission.