Meeting Entities, The Shadow, Ethereal Guides...Ft. C.J. from Philosofa Talk / Mystery Stone Podcast

Unexplained Inc.

Dec 2 2023 • 1 hr 31 mins

For the first time in over two years C.J...the beardless wonder....returns to Unexplained Inc! C.J. has been on many episodes promoting various shows over the years. Phantom Phil recently appeared as one of his first episodes of the new podcast Philosofa Talk (which you can listen to here....

In this chat they go through the various motions of podcasting...touch on a little bit with the status of The Mystery Stone podcast (which you can listen to here... But the main aspect of this discussion is the shadow. How to integrate, how not to bypass it, how much of it should you actually integrate, what should be avoided. This chat gets raw and candid on both sides. The pinnacle being when C.J. admits making some difficult life decisions after coming face to face with an ethereal entity in meditation.

Strap in as this one goes in several different directions and will have you intrigued in every way possible. It's all summed up with a classic N64 reference from Phantom Phil.

P.S...the situation with Phantom X comes to a head at the end of the show!

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