Kathryn Hand...Hypnotherapist / Cosmic Consciousness Conference Organizer

Unexplained Inc.

Apr 29 2023 • 1 hr 43 mins

Kathryn Hand is the co-founder of the Cosmic Consciousness Conference (known as the CCC) off east coast of Australia. In this episode here are some of the vast topics that get discussed:

- Her relationship with Carrie-Anne Fields
- Her home of Norfolk Island and it's connection to ancient Lumeria
- Portals, weather events and The New Earth
- Past life regression hypnotherapy and the Life Between Lives
- The anxious behaviour of the Dark Controllers
- The evolution of the conference and how it navigated certain 'restrictions'
- Ley lines and the grid points of the Earth
- The adoption of the term 'conspiritualist'...it's surprising origins, where the name came from and why its being used to disempower people
- A light workers quest and responsibility

Plus we get into so much more....during the show intro there is an explanation of certain connection issues and why they happened at key points in the interview....most of the audio was salvaged though!

Here is more info on the conference:

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