Season Finale: Animal Communicator, Light Language Linguist, Human / ET Hybrid...Jacquelin Smith

Unexplained Inc.

Dec 8 2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

Meet Jacquelin Smith. She is coming on Unexplained Inc. for the very first time. She has been an animal communicator since 1979 and is the author of the book Star Being In The Mirror: My Journey As A Hybrid. Jacquelin has made claim to being a human / extra-terrestrial hybrid that has been able to have crystal clear communication with star beings since childhood.

Approach this one with a loving heart and an open mind as Jacquelin takes us through some amazing experiences of star being communication, visits to many star craft, bearing hybrid children and that wild experience from Thanksgiving 2013.

Also find out how we are in fact all star seeds (it's not a term reserved for the 'chosen few') and can all choose the ability to communicate with our star families. Find out which family Phantom Phil belongs to after he had a Star Origin reading with Jacquelin earlier in the autumn season. You will also hear about the amazing synchronicity that brought the two of them together in a rather unexpected fashion. This is a thank you to the True Believers for another amazing season....things will never be the same again!

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