Kelly Claire-Berge...president of the Vancouver Paranormal Society...returns!!!

Unexplained Inc.

Apr 22 2023 • 1 hr 49 mins

After a long hiatus Kelly returns to Unexplained Inc. She was supposed to join Phantom Phil and Jason Hewlett last season to discuss Jason's book Dying Light and NDE's but fell ill. However she is back to discuss that book as well as other NDE matters...this conversation went to unexpected places and here is some of the topics that were touched upon:

- Excitement for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie
- Further perspectives on near death experiences
- Do we exist as inter-dimensional beings?
- Kelly's own paranormal experiences at her residence
- A story from Kelly that gets Phantom Phil riled up and slightly angry
- Happenings of the VPS since the end of COVID restrictions
- Her chance meeting with William Shatner

***Stick around for the extended outro as Phantom Phil breaks down his meeting with Sam Tripoli in Toronto and the synchronous spiritual experiences that also happened on that's a long one but a goodie***

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