Archaeological Discovery at Ancient Israelite Site Tel Motza & Nephite Temple | Stephen Smoot

Book of Mormon History Podcast

Mar 17 2020 • 1 hr

Discussing NEW archaeological discovery of an ancient temple within 4 miles of Jerusalem with researcher from Book of Mormon Central Stephen Smoot.  Stephen provides his reasons for a scholastic approach to the Book of Mormon and outlines details from his article about both the archaeological site of Tel Moza [Motza] and how it provides another example of the cultural backdrop as explained by Nephi in 2nd Nephi Chapter 5 who builds a temple after the manner of Solomon.  The evidences of temples across the landscape of ancient Israel to Elephantine and beyond demonstrate Nephite worship reflected the values and practices of ancient Israel as described in the Book of Mormon.  Check out the current archaeological excavations at Tel Motza at

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